RAS is a free, independent and  easy to use service for residential property owners who are facing challenges  in getting their home repaired or rebuilt after it has been damaged in a  natural disaster.

RAS gives you access to a skilled broker, legal and technical expertise, and helps you work with your private insurers and EQC to progress your claim.

If you need advice or feel  anxious about how your claim is progressing, RAS can help facilitate  constructive conversations through:

  • brokers with extensive experience working with homeowners, insurers and EQC
  • technical experts on hand
  • legal advice available
  • access to decision-makers in insurance companies and EQC
  • constructive conversations to achieve results


Is this the right service for you?

This service has been established to assist homeowners who have yet to finalise their earthquake or natural disaster insurance claim/s where they:

  • disagree with another party over their repair or rebuild
  • are frustrated or confused about the complex matters involved in getting their homes rebuilt or repaired, or
  • communication has broken down with the insurer or EQC.

If this is you, call RAS on (03) 379 7027 or 0800 777 299 to start the simple three-step process.


How does the service work?

Using RAS involves three steps:

  • Call the Residential Advisory Service on (03) 379 7027 or 0800 777 299. We’ll ask about your circumstances to find out how best we can help and connect you to a broker.
  • A broker will contact you to find out more about where you are in the repair and rebuild process. Brokers can get specialist support for your situation. Eg technical or legal advice.
  • If you think it would be helpful, brokers can call a round-table meeting with relevant parties to clarify your issues and help find a solution.

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