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Introducing the Residential Advisory Service

RAS is a free, independent and easy to use service for residential property owners who are facing challenges in getting their home repaired or rebuilt after it has been damaged in a natural disaster.

This service is the place to start if you have a question about your rebuild or repair process. It helps you to better understand what is going on with your own repair or rebuild and is focussed on progressing the issues between home owners, insurance companies and EQC.

You can meet with a broker who has experience working with homeowners, insurers and EQC. If your situation has technical aspects it may be referred to the RAS technical panel which can provide independent comment on your insurer’s and home owner’s reports. This may be sufficient to give the assurance that the repair solution is appropriate, but if there are concerns these will be highlighted to you and your broker for consideration. If your situation has a legal aspect the broker has access to qualified lawyers from Community Law to offer advice.

RAS has proven effective in achieving results for homeowners. RAS is agile and flexible and it has evolved to meet homeowners' needs.

Meet our team


Ken Pope
Ken has managed RAS since it started in 2013, he has extensive experience working with homeowners and insurers.

Jules Dorian
Jules Dorrian
Jules has worked in the recovery space for 8 years with many organisations in New Zealand and Australia. She has specialist skills in helping homeowners in Multi-Unit Buildings.

Breakthrough Services offers free assistance to anyone lacking confidence in the way their earthquake claim is progressing. The aim is to understand where the claim is at from the homeowner’s perspective and facilitate a process that deals with the stumbling blocks. Their brokers can access legal and technical advice, facilitate meetings with insurers and EQC, bring managers and technical staff to the table, and ensure there are agreed actions for progress.

Breakthrough Services team
Breakthrough Services team from left to right, Sarah Yanicki, Leanne Curtis and Marcus Irvine.


Community Law Canterbury provide legal services to the Residential Advisory Service.

Community Law Canterbury is a well-known and respected community based organisation that is experienced in operating in the Canterbury environment with insurance and earthquake issues.

Donna Cameron
Donna Cameron
Mikaela Taggert
Mikaela Taggart
Lara Prince
Lara Prince

Our Technical Panel

The panel comprises professionals from a range of independent specialist engineering areas including quantity surveying, geotechnical services and structural engineering from Opus, Aurecon, and Rawlinsons. The panel will effectively peer review and advise only on existing plans and information and will not provide new designs.


Governance documents

Governance group

From 1 July 2017 RAS is now fully funded and operationalised by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE).

The RAS Governance group oversees the service, sets the strategy, makes key decisions and manages relationships across key agencies.

The members of the group are:

  • Mike West (MBIE) - Chair
  • Jenny Hughey (Christchurch City Council)
  • Anne Shaw (DPMC).

The governance group meets monthly. Minutes from these meetings are available to download below.